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Searched for: crazy

December 21, 2009

Well, it certainly is crazy. Searching for ‘crazy’ stock art is an equally slippery slope of nonsense and intense hilarity. It makes my job take forever, but damn it sure is fun. Of course, I don’t have clients in the high-fashion industry, where this would be filed under “fabulous”.

Does this jump rope make me look fierce?

Searched for: woman shouting (part 2)

December 17, 2009

Help! I’m falling and I can’t stop blasting my nips!

Note to self: titty twister

Searched for: Crazy (reader submission)

December 15, 2009


Thanks to John for this jaw-dropping entry, which shows you just what happens when you dare to test the bounds of stock art reality.

Although, I think I now understand the meaning behind the Hall and Oats song “Private Eyes”. They certainly are watching you, aren’t they?

Watching your every move...