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Searched for: nautilus

January 21, 2010

You know, the seashell with the pretty swirls from your math book? Yeah, didn’t need the 90’s bikini teen to completely steal the focus of the image. In fact, no one needs that. Ever. But hey, the upside of the totally obscured subject matter is the 4 extra hours it will take me to finish the project – and that’s good for my bank account.

Corny nautilus bikini girl

Thanks for shelling out the billable hours, bikini girl!

Searched for: woman close-up

January 1, 2010

What? What the hell is she supposed to be doing? Pleading for more spanking?

Don't mix nonsense with leather.

Don't mix business with pleather.

Searched for: crazy (part 2)

December 30, 2009

As I’ve said before, searching for “crazy” stock photography is a demented, yet playful, journey to madness. I would pay just to see this image used in an ad.

Do you want to touch my orbs?

Searched for: tired

December 22, 2009

Um, so, in what way is she tired? And what idea/emotion is she supposed to be expressing? Zany? Psychotic? Wasting my life?

And while she doesn’t appear the least bit sleepy, she sure makes me tired… tired of the “balloon head caricature” treatment. This trend will not die. This is our first balloonhead and, I assure you, there will be hundreds more. In my mind, there’s nothing more half-assed than scaling someone’s head in photoshop and passing it off as a “caricature”.

Kiss me, I'm trendy.