About bad stock art

Stock art -\stäk\\ärt\ – Noun – (Def) Existing photographs that can be licensed for specific uses. Publishers, advertising agencies, graphic artists, and others use stock photography to fulfill the needs of their creative assignments.

Welcome to Bad Stock Art, home of the world’s worst photography and illustration for sale. Intended to be used on websites, magazines, billboards and other advertising spaces, we conduct stock images searches every day at work. And without fail every day we find images so bizarre, so strange that they can only be called Bad Stock Art.

Keep in mind that these images aren’t free. Some insane or misunderstood photographer planned and executed these elaborate photo shoots and is peddling them on the internet for thousands in licensing fees. Agencies pay for subscriptions from major stock art vendors, only to be sold the most insane stream of incomprehensible art garbage. That and tons of soft porn.

Our innocent image searches have turned up the strange, the deranged and the just plain ugly. And now we’re sharing them with you. We couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried.

Found some bad stock art that needs sharing? We know you have, it’s everywhere. Email us at badstockart@gmail.com.

Check us on Twitter and whatnot.


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